Vehicle Procurement

Yale departments needing to purchase a new or used vehicle must fill out a Yale Vehicle Request Form.

Please take a moment to fill in all the blanks and answer all the questions on this vehicle request form to help expedite your order.  All purchases and leases will need approval from and Officer, Dean or the Provost prior to moving forward with the purchase.

Buying diesel what you need to know -

All new diesel vehicles require diesel exhaust fluid! Please check the owner’s manual for frequency.  Also some newer vehicles have reminder lights.  Please heed all reminders and intervals as failure to maintain the fluid level can cause severe engine damage.

 If you have any questions about the processing of this form, please call or email the Fleet Management Office at 203-432-2285 or

Standard Vehicle Lettering -

All Yale Units must use the standard font, lettering and placement set by the Yale University Printer.  For more information and examples click here.