Vehicle Auction

Next Vehicle Auction - TBD check back here for more information.


Yale will host an auction to sell used vehicles from its fleet to the general public beginning TBD check back for more info. Interested buyers can views the vehicles TBD CHECK BACK HERE FOR MORE INFO weather permitting at 344 Winchester Avenue, New Haven, CT. 

View vehicles.

All vehicles have been owned and used exclusively by the University. All vehicles are sold “as is.” Vehicles may or may not have a minimum reserve. Bidders may submit a bid that is lower than the minimum reserve amount. However, Yale reserves the right to accept or reject any offers below the minimum bid.  

Interested parties will be given an opportunity to view, in person, the vehicle(s) for disposal. However, they will not be allowed to be driven.

Bids will be accepted electronically starting at a specified time and date. Notification of the award by the University will be made within one business day.

Vehicles must be picked up and paid for within 72 hours after notification of the bid award.  If not, the University will exercise its option to offer the vehicle to the next highest bidder. A cashier’s check or bank check made out to Yale University is the only form of payment allowed. Anyone purchasing a Yale vehicle will need to sign a Yale University QuitClaim Bill of Sale Form.

Bid Procedure 

The auction will be an online auction meaning that prospective buyers will view all vehicles first, and then submit bids during the open bid period on this website. Bidding opens TBD and closes TBD.  A page with information about the vehicles being auctioned and a link to submit bids will be available. Yale Fleet will begin accepting online bids immediately after the viewing. Bids will be time stamped and awarded based on highest bid received during designated hours. The University reserves the right to reject any bid below the reserve minimum.  Winning bidders will be notified by Yale Fleet and payment must be made within 24 hours after notification of bid award–cashier’s check or bank check only.  

The next Yale Vehicle Auction sometime in late spring.  Stay tuned for more information.